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When is the Digital Changeover: The digitall switchover and re-tune dates for Bedfordshire, using the Sandy heath transmitter are currently set to switch over in two stages: On March 30th 2011 and April 13th 2011. You can keep up to date with this using our useful links below.

Why Go Digital: Currently Tv transmitters are only capable of transmitting an anologue signal. Up until now this has been sufficient, but with the addition of extra TV services and features it is necessary to go digital to support all of these new features Additionally a digital signal makes it possible to transmit many more TV channels and at a higher quality making use of High Definition (HD).

Aerial Replacement: If you think you need a replacement digital aerial then Contact Us to arrange a visit. We are accredited by all of the main bodies in our industry so you can be sure of our professionalism and quality of work.

Why Replace With a Digital Aerial: We have all of the necessary equipment to test your aerial and signal strength. If you are not getting a good signal your services, quality of service and number of channels available can be affected. You may also have a choice of which transmitter to use if you are in an area where the signals overlap, altering which channels and services might be available to you.

Our Credentials: You can check our credentials by searching at the Registered Digital Installers Licencing Body (RDI-LB) (Robert Paul Baker | Company Employee of Innovations). Our Reg No. is 18265686.

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Useful Links

Digital UK | All information on the Digital Switchover, Areas and changeover dates. Search by your postcode.

RDI-LB | Registered Digital Installers Licensigng Body. Information on the Digital Switchover and Licensed Installers.. Includes a rogues gallery.

UK Gov | Uk Government Digital Television. Information on Digital TV and the channgeover from the UK Government

Satellite TV. Digital Freeview.

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